Anise Divine
Anise's Picture
Japanese Name: アニスS.占う
Romanized Name: アニス 米神
English Name: Anise S. Divine
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 17
Species: Kitsune/Bat Hybrid
Alignment: Pirates
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Position: Pirate Captain
Affiliations: Hyacintho Carpe; Michi Canera
Epithet: " Survivor Child " Anise
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Bounty: Beli Small15,000,000
Creator: Princess_Eevee9
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Anise S. Divine (アニスS.占う アニス 米神?) is a young, enthusiastic Pirate Captain, in which the story of Hedgehog Piece heavily follows. She's the captain of Hyacintho Carpe, one of the main crews that the story follows, and her crew mates are Frost Shinekuya, Toadi Firma, Blitz Talon, Frezisius A. Aerion and Celesti Destani. There has yet to be signs of any relatives of Anise throughout the story so far, but that doesn't mean they will not appear later on. Being such a young and impressionable child, it's a sure that she has many dreams and goals that she would like to achieve, but as of yet she has not talked/revealed any within the story.

It would seem that, lots of people, for example, Royal Shichibukai Michi Canera, has taken an interest in her mainly because of her tremendous ability to acquire allies at a rapid pace without effort, question, hesitation and despite her young age. One can say that such an ability can become a tremendous feat to it's user.

Despite being a child, The Marines believe, although unrevealed within the story, that she is special and tried to capture and imprison her until Frost came and saved her. The reasoning behind this is unknown but one may think it's linked to her ability of acquiring allies.


Anise is an anthro, dark sapphire blue fur colored kitsune and bat hybrid with ruby red eyes. She has two ponytails as her hairstyle and a bang that falls right in the middle of her face, but not enough to cover her eyes. She, physically being a kitsune, has a max of two tails that match her dark sapphire fur color with silverish-white fur colored tips and, physically being a bat also, has two bat wings that are a dark violet color. She sports a dress matching her fur color, yet can be identified as a dress, two uncanny charm bracelets around her wrists, and an off navy blue colored shoes with off greenish designs. Her muzzle is much like a fox, thanks to being a kitsune and sports a white muzzle color.

The most interesting thing about her appearance that most have noted, are the uncanny and weird charm bracelets that she has on. They're one of her major trademarks, other than being a Mobian-hybrid.