Blitz Talon
Blitz's Picture2
Japanese Name: ブリッツタロン
Romanized Name: Burritsu Taron
English Name: Blitz Talon
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 35
Species: Komodo Dragon
Alignment: Pirates
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Occupation: Cook
Affiliations: Hyacintho Carpe; Michi Canera
Epithet: "Crimson Dragon" Blitz
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Bounty: Beli Small2,000,000
Creator: Blitz3124
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Devil Fruit
Prime name: Draco-Draco Fruit
English Name: Dragon-Dragon Fruit
Meaning: Dragon
Type: Mythical Zoan
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Blitz Talon (ブリッツタロン Burritsu Taron?) is a komodo dragon, turned into a dragon by eating the Draco-Draco Fruit,  and rookie Pirate Cook for the Hyacintho Carpe pirates. His captain is Anise S. Divine, and his crewmates are Frost ShinekuyaToadi Firma, Frezisius A. Aerion and Celesti Destani. He is the first character introduced to utilize a Zoan-type Devil's Fruit, being a Mythical type at that and is currently still the only one with a Zoan-type Devil's Fruit in Hedgehog Piece. His sister is Nai Talon. Blitz's intentions and goals are of a mystery to everyone besides himself as of right now.

Being with the Hyacintho Carpe pirates has been enough for him to gain attention of The Marines and gain him a bounty of Beli2,000,000.


Blitz is an anthropomorphic komodo dragon, turned into a dragon thanks to his Zoan-type Devil's Fruit, the Draco-Draco Fruit. His eyes are a light grey color and his skin tone, being very odd, has a red tone to it. Under his left eye is a black scar that he has. His hair is rather wild, as it flows downward and sideward then from there flows into a sort of mohawk that ends with his two fringes that go downward across his face, covering his right eye. He wore a red shirt prior to the Raven's Point arc, but changed into a blue shirt after noticing the " blue " concept of the Hyacintho Carpe pirates and wanted to fit in. His pants are a dark grey, concluding his clothing. Blitz sports wings, that he permanently gained from his devil's fruit and a long tail from being a komodo dragon. His wings are a dark grey and red, like his skin tone, underneath, indicating that must be the "skin" of the wings and his tail is his fur color, a light grey.