Dark Ranoki
Dark's Picture
Japanese Name: 暗い Ranoki
Romanized Name: Kurai Ranoki
English Name: Dark Ranoki
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 15
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Pirates
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Occupation: First Mate
Affiliations: Thunderscar Pirates
Epithet: " Black Fist " Dark
Bounty: Beli Small11,000,000
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Creator: darkthehedgehog53
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Devil Fruit
Japanese name: バーナ-バーナフルーツ
English Name: Burna-Burna Fruit
Meaning: Fire
Type: Logia
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Dark claims to be one of the Thunderscars' strongest members, using a fighting style which he calls " Drag-Bo " and his Devil Fruit abilities from the Burna-Burna Fruit that he got from his former master.

Abilities and Powers

Burna-Burna Fruit

Further Information: Burna-Burna Fruit

The Burna-Burna Fruit is the Devil Fruit that Dark ate and gives him the ability to become and manipulate fire, making him a walking pyrokinetic. His Devil's Fruit type would be classified as Logia. His most notible technique that he has been seen used in the comics would be his Burna-Burna Impact, which had been seen to take out a multitude of Fritz's Marines.


      Further Information: Drag-Bo Style

The Drag-Bo Style is a fighting style that requires the user to use a Devil Fruit. Although the style hasn't been seen much through-out the extent of Hedgehog Piece, Dark has used the style a little bit.