Dyon Sai
Japanese Name: Dyon Baldingサイ
Romanized Name: Dyon Balding
English Name: Dyon Sai
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 77
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Marines
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Occupation: Vice Admiral
Affiliations: World Government
Epithet: Unknown
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Fighting Style
Name of Style: Dual Dagger/Spear Style
Description: Fights using two daggers that can be combined into a spear.
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Dyon Sai is a Vice Admiral of the Marines. He requested for Volt Shinekuya to be transfered to his Marine Squad after Volt's arrest, making him his Chore Boy.


Dyon is a grey and blue hedgehog that prefers to wear his own clothing style, instead of the typical marine clothes. He wears a black shirt with white hoodie strings with a green arm and he wears blue pants with red stripes, blue gloves and blue with green shoes.