The East Blue is an ocean in the World of Hedgehog Piece, and it's base One Piece, and has been the setting for the comic so far throughout the storyline. It's subcomic, Red Bow Chronicles starts off and has taken place in the West Blue. East Blue, like its sister seas, comprises almost entirely of ocean, with a few scattered islands and a border called the Red Line.

In the Grand Line, pirates who are considered great and threatening in the East Blue are regarded as low rate compared to pirates in the Grand Line. The sea within the East Blue is rather " weak " in comparison to the harsh and ruthless tides and magnetic fields of the Grand Line. It is said that the East Blue is the weakest of all the seas, holding only the weakest pirates. That is until the rookie pirates that the main story follows came along.

Historic information

Loguetown, the city in the East Blue located closest to the Grand Line. It became a stopping place for pirates heading towards the Grand Line, as a nearby Lighthouse lit up the route towards Reverse Mountain, the entrance of the Grand Line.

Places in the East Blue

  • Raven's Point: Home Island of Frost Shinekuya, Sol Shinekuya and Volt Shinekuya, the first island to be visted within the series and demolished within the series by unnaturally caused natural events. Half of the island lay demolished, yet the lava has hardened to make the island larger than it already had been.
  • Loguetown: a popular trade town and pirate " Pit Stop " in the East Blue.
  • Veldertown: A part of the Velder Marine base, home base of the Punishment Branch.
  • Guardna Island: Random island; No information
  • Kokuyo Island: Island home to Max Hedgedroid; No other information
  • Aoi Isle: No known information about this island.
  • Crab Island: It is known to be full of people who only choose to cook for their living and has the some of the best cuisine within the East Blue.
  • Evalom Island: No known information about this island.

Characters from the East Blue


  • The East Blue is generally considered the weakest of the seas because the average bounty for the East Blue, until the rookie pirate crews that the story follows came along and averaged the bounties out to Beli196,930,000, only 22,000,000 being other bounties from people in East Blue besides the rookie pirate crews.
  • Loguetown's original Japanese name is a reference to the 'logue' in the words "prologue" and "epilogue", the before and after sections of a story. So literally, Loguetown means 'the beginning and the end'.
  • The East Blue harbors where the most characters have came from as of April 20th, 2013 with 4 characters coming from it. Them being the Shinekuya Family and Max Hedgedroid.