Freeze A. Aerion
Freeze's Picture
Japanese Name: フリーズA.スキャナー内
Romanized Name: Furīzu A. Aeorion
English Name: Frezisius A. Aerion
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 137
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Unknown/Pirates
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Occupation: Navigator, ???
Affiliations: Hyacintho Carpe, Michi Canera, Nobles, Unknown
Epithet: " Public's Enemy " Freeze
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Bounty: Beli Small13,000,000
Creator: sonicmaster05
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Frezisius A. Aerion (フリーズA.スキャナー内 Furīzu A. Aeorion?) is a navy blue hedgehog surrounded with an uncanny vibe to him that makes him an odd and interesting person to research upon. He is first seen in the series on Raven's Point, in the Raven's Point Arc, presumably escorting a companion somewhere and getting her off of Raven's Point because of the hurricane around it. His companion, whom is unnamed, possibly has connections to the Nobles seeing as how Freeze was meant to be her bodyguard. Freeze himself is a man of mystery, seeing as how he has connections to the Nobles and others around that area( possibly Marines because he got someone to issue a bounty on his head) and taking a mysterious artifact from his unnamed companion after knocking her unconscious. Currently he is traveling with the Hyacintho Carpe pirates and Royal Shichibukai Michi Canera, led by Anise S. Divine and her crewmates, being Frost Shinekuya, Blitz TalonToadi Firma and Celesti Destani.


Freeze is an anthropomorphic, light navy blue fur colored hedgehog with dark navy blue colored tips on his quills who has blood red eyes and a darker blood red pupil. Freeze's quills are more on the wild side, much resembling that of a porcupine and have dark navy colored tips. He has a bang that seperates into three short hairs, that usually covers his other eye from different angles but is centered positioned. Unlike most hedgehogs, Freeze's skin tone is a more light tannish skin tone rather than the average cream colored skin tone. Freeze has a variety of outfits, most commonly seen being in his default " Biker " themed outfit consisting of a dark purplish-gray leather jacket that has a dark navy blue scarf tied around the collar of the jacket and flows outward, a ripped T-shirt that shows his chest, silverish-white gloves, dark gray pants that have dark navy highlights on the bottom of them and silverish-white shoes that have dark navy soles. The outfit he has been most seen wearing in Hedgehog Piece is his " Spy " themed outift consisting of, a light purplish-gray jacket, no shirt, no gloves, mid-gray colored pants with light purplish-grey highlights on the bottom of them and silverish-white shoes that have light purplish-gray soles.