Personality and Relationships

Freeze A. Aerion
Freeze's Picture
Japanese Name: フリーズA.スキャナー内
Romanized Name: Furīzu A. Aeorion
English Name: Frezisius A. Aerion
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 137
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Unknown/Pirates
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Occupation: Navigator, ???
Affiliations: Hyacintho Carpe, Michi Canera, Nobles, Unknown
Epithet: " Public's Enemy " Freeze
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Bounty: Beli Small13,000,000
Creator: sonicmaster05
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style


Freeze's personality has not much been revealed but it would seem that he takes a great deal of interest in danger, seeing as when he heard an explosion and felt the ground shake he commented that...

" Well that was definitely interesting~. "-Freeze A. Aerion

He's also one that stays focus on a task at hand, seeing how he went to Raven's Point to subdue a target and take their uncanny necklace and he did as so.


" Anise, we don't know if he can be trusted. Are you sure? "- Michi Canera

" It's okay, he doesn't seem like a bad person! "- Anise S. Divine

The relationships he currently has, atleast the ones that the audience knows about, are on a shaky balancing scale, as Freeze can't be trusted by other characters as shown above. How Freeze feels towards those characters have yet to be discovered/revealed; but it would seem friendly as he had been seen within the story getting them drinks and offering it to them for no apparent reason other than him thinking they were " Interesting ".

Michi Canera

It was revealed that Freeze has knowledge on Royal Shichibukai Michi, but has yet to say anything to her about his knowledge. How he feels towards her has not yet been discovered other than the fact that when Michi became hostile towards him asking if he was friend or foe, he quickly gave her an answer of friend.

" You there, Friend or Foe? "- Michi Canera

" Friend! I'm just trying to get off of this island! "- Freeze A. Aerion

Whether he was truly scared of her or putting on an act would be up to the reader to decide before it is revealed to them.

Freeze acts friendly to Michi, as seen in the comics, after offering and giving her a drink before all else. This could be contradicted though seeing as, at the time, Freeze went with the " Ladies first " rule in offering drinks.