Fritz Kriegs
Japanese Name: フリッツKriegs
Romanized Name: Furittsu
English Name: Fritz Kriegs
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 7
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: The Marines
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Occupation: Marine Captain; Commander(former)
Affiliations: Punishment Branch
Epithet: "Iron Will" Fritz
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Creator: M.Dailey
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style


Before Fritz was ever drafted into the Marines, he was a pirate with a destructive personality. He would cause the Marines so much trouble to a point where he was eventually captured. He was given the choice to live as a marine or die as a pirate. Being young in his life, Fritz chose to live on, giving his life to the Marines. Overtime, he started to love being a marine, reshaping himself into a person who has a desire to shutdown pirates.

Current Time

Introduction Arc

By the time this arc had started, Fritz was on his second sailing tour with the newly established Pirate Punishment Branch. During the tour, his ship received a report that Thunderscar Nitro was currently in combat with another Marine officer's ship. Fritz gave the order to set course toward Nitro, but his plan was interrupted by Frost and froze Fritz's entire corvette. Luckily Fritz acted fast with Soru, escaping Frost's attack but at the cost of a ship and all of the marines present on the ship.

Fritz was confronted by Frost who was gathering information on the past events that happened at Raven's point. Fritz disclosed to him that it was just a "history lesson" to him, well aware that he played a role in the events that took place there. Being utterly pissed at Frost for destroying his ship and killing his crew, he had no choice but to retreat. Using Soru to skip across the ocean, Fritz escaped from Frost.

With being out of the loop, Fritz had summoned Commander Liam to rescue Fritz at a set location. Liam acknowleged the distress called and set sail toward Fritz's postion. Later after Fritz was retrieved, he thanked Liam for coming to his aid.

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