Personality and Relationships

Jeffy Adams
Japanese Name: jeffyアダムス
Romanized Name:
English Name: Jeffy Adams
First Appearance: Free Arc 1; Comic 5
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Marines
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Occupation: Captain
Affiliations: Dyon's Squadron; World Government
Epithet: " Shaman " Jeffy
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Devil Fruit
Name of Fruit: Sei Sei no Mi
Meaning: Spirit
Type: Paramecia
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Jeffy's personality is always joking around rarely ever getting serious unless the situation demands it. He regularly pranks people, some he doesn't even know. He is apparently really close with his Platypus spirit, Derek.



Since Jeffy ate the Devil Fruit, Sei-Sei no Mi, he's been able to see Derek. Jeffy, naturally, first freaked out when he saw a floating platypus in the air but got used to it as Derek wouldn't leave his side. Eventually, the two would develop a close bond and become partners, fighting for the Marines' ideal Justice.


He met Dyon at Loguetown when he was shopping around, and coincidentally, he was later put under Dyon's command. Though quite the shaking pair at first, they soon began to trust eachother and defend one another when needed.