This article is a list of all countries, islands, towns, villages, and other known major locations of the Hedgehog Piece: A New Era universe.

East Blue 

  • Raven's Point: Home island to Frost Shinekuya, Sol Shinekuya and Volt Shinekuya, it is the first island in the series of Hedgehog Piece and demolished in the series by unnaturally caused natural events.
    Raven's Point

    This is only put a part of Raven's Point.

  • Loguetown: A popular trade town and pirate " Pit Stop " in the East Blue.
  • Veldertown: A part of Velder Marine base, home base of the Punishment Branch for the East Blue.
  • Guardna Island: Random Island; currently uninhabited by people due to Zone Tuseil's actions.
  • Kokuyo Island: Home island to Max Hedgedroid; Little information
  • Aoi Isle: No known information about this island
  • Crab Island: It is known to be full of people who only choose to cook for their living and has the some of the best cuisine within the East Blue.
  • Evalom Island: No known information about this island

West Blue

North Blue

  • Tekara Isle; There is little information known about this Isle other than it is home to Zinzuki Kerulaii.

South Blue


Red Line


Calm Belt

Grand Line


New World


Any other locations



  • Ironically, the first islands introduced in Hedgehog Piece and it's Sub-series, Red Bow Chronicles by Author Shard, are both home islands to important characters of the series. The islands being Raven's Point and Luistara, who're home to Frost Shinekuya( Raven's Point ) and Jasmine( Luistara )
  • It would seem that Hedgehog Piece has a consistency to have islands that are named according to animals. Example: Raven's Point, Shark Peak and Crab Isle.