Michi Canera
Michi Picture2
Japanese Name: ミチ カネラ
Romanized Name: 道 Kanera
English Name: Michi Canera
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 2
Species: Goat
Alignment: Marines, but can be Neutral when it comes to Pirates that have caught her eye.
Occupations: Oka Shichibukai
Affiliations: Shichibukai
Epithet: " Vanishing " Michi
Former Bounty: Beli Small310,000,000
Creator: Shard
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Fighting Style
Name of Style: Twin Knife Style
Description: Fights using twin knives
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Michi Canera (ミチ カネラ 道 Kanera?) is a Royal Shichibukai, in alliance with the World Government. She does not have a pirate crew, preferring to travel around on her own, however in order to return to the Grand Line , she is traveling with the Hyacintho Carpe Pirates due to her lousy sense of direction. She is 31 years old.


Michi is an anthro goat with pink fur and purple eyes. She has long, red hair with messy bangs in the front and a cowlick on top that is tied into two long braids that fall down her back. Michi wears a white shirt with purple sleeves that reach her elbows and a long, purple skirt, as well as black shoes. Her hands are black, as she has hooves due to being a goat. She actually seems to be rather short, being about the same size as characters like Toadi as well as being shorter than characters like Freeze and Anise.


Michi carries around a pair of knives. They have a silver blade that is flat on one side and curved on the other, and a purple hilt with no crossbar. Whether they are a special kind of blade or not has yet to be revealed, but she can infuse them with Haki to damage Devil Fruit users that would otherwise remain unharmed by a blade attack.