Michi Canera
Michi Picture2
Japanese Name: ミチ カネラ
Romanized Name: 道 Kanera
English Name: Michi Canera
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 2
Species: Goat
Alignment: Marines, but can be Neutral when it comes to Pirates that have caught her eye.
Occupations: Oka Shichibukai
Affiliations: Shichibukai
Epithet: " Vanishing " Michi
Former Bounty: Beli Small310,000,000
Creator: Shard
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Fighting Style
Name of Style: Twin Knife Style
Description: Fights using twin knives
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Abilities and Powers

Michi has not yet been in any major battles, so she has not displayed any of her skills so far. However, as a Shichibukai, she is required to have enough skill and strength to strike fear into the hearts of pirates and deter them from comitting crimes. She is also not shown traveling with anyone before deciding to use the Hyancintho Carpe Pirates to get back to the Grand Line, and even then they are presumably much weaker than she is. This means that she is strong enough to hold her own against the hazards of the Grand Line with no help.

Twin Knife Style

Michi fights using two identical knives in combat. She has developed a twin knife style which is mostly based around speed, striking the opponent before they can react. How she does this has yet to be seen in the series.

Observation & Reflexes

Michi has a good sense of observation and is able to tell when someone is approaching her, even if she isn't facing them. She also has the reflexes to react when this sort of thing occurs. This was demonstrated when a lowly pirate attempted to steal from her, and she caught him before he could react.


Michi's epithet, "Vanishing", comes from the fact that she is able to move at high speeds, to the point where it looks as if she is vanishing when she does so, leaving nothing more than a brief afterimage.


Michi is capable of using Observation Haki and Armament Haki.

Observation Haki

Michi's Observation Haki is very powerful, as she is capable of using it to locate entire islands by sensing the people there. It seems she developed this ability to navigate, as without it she'd be lost at sea forever due to her lousy sense of direction. However, she has not yet used Observation Haki in battle.

Armament Haki

Michi has not yet displayed how she uses Armament Haki.