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Hello once again, and thank you for checking out the official wikia for a series of fan-based One Piece comics, Hedgehog Piece. For those who do not know, once again, Hedgehog Piece is a series of fan-based sprite comics involving multiple anime, mainly being One Piece and Sonic the Hedgehog. This a wikia for mainly the fans and to help them get a better understanding of what is currently going on. They may join the wikia if they please and request to become editors of our wiki and contribute to building a wikia for our dedicated fan-comic. Please feel free to look around our site and help us achieve our goal to build the most informative site for everything related to Hedgehog Piece

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Anise's Picture
Anise S. Divine (アニスS.占う アニス 米神?) is a young, enthusiastic Pirate Captain. Her crew has been recently formed, and has yet to be named. Her crewmates are Frost Shinekuya, Toadi Firma, and Blitz Talon. It would seem Royal Shichibukai, Michi Canera has taken an interest in her for some reason.
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Summary of Arcs
Free Arc 2
The Second Free Arc starts off with a newly introduced antagonist crew by the names of the Masquerade Pirates, whom currently are in the Grand Line. They seem to have a sort of relation with Nitro V. Kaian as their captain immediately ordered his crew to gather and set sail for an island once he heard that Nitro escaped from Marine hands. Many different characters, such as Johnny, Makoto Ohka, Agia, Marly, Celesti Destani, etc were introduced and joined into the different plots of the crews that the story follows. The ThunderScars visited Loguetown while encountering Vice Admiral Coza and gained a new crew member in Agia. Hyacintho Carpe visited Meldrome Island and fought off Lieutenant Leila and gained a new crew member in Celesti. Tachiagari Shinpan faced off against a cruel mayor and Fritz E. Kriegs on Crab Island]]. Neroe left The Marine Punishment Branch in order to form his own pirate crew to get away from responsibilities and duty. Shichibukai Meteor visited Skiathos Island when he had been called there and caused a stir after interfering with private Marine business, although still gaining allies in Johnny and Makoto. Much more to come soon.
Free Arc 3
The Third Free Arc follows the continuing adventures of many crews and individuals. Both the ThunderScars and Tachiagari Shinpan square off against each other on Koryo Island once captain Nitro V. Kaian attacks Sol Shinekuya then runs off to find Viu E.Blaze. Hyacintho Carpe are led to a empty island by Michi Canera in order for her to train them for the dangers of the Grand Line, based on their performance on Meldrome Island. Meanwhile, Shichibukai Meteor decides to bust into Impel Down, the maximum security prison of The Marines with his new allies in order to rescue his old captain, Tao Nexuti from imprisonment.

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  • That the new lowest known starting bounty is Beli250,000? by Aqueous Cyan
  • That the new highest known starting bounty is Beli21,000,000? by Zinzuki Kerulaii

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Released on — December 3rd, 2013
New Comic: Wind Walker vs Wrath of Gaia part 3!

What's your favorite pirate crew?

The poll was created at 18:58 on October 10, 2013, and so far 51 people voted.
Poll Results
1. Which character, at this time, has to be your favorite character?
Michi Canera won with 12 votes
2. Who, out of the rookie pirate captains, do you believe will have the highest bounty?
Anise S. Divine and Tyder T. Ingram tied with 11 votes.
3. Who, out of these characters, do you believe has the best epithet?
Freeze A. Aerion won with 13 votes.
4. Which match-up would you most like to see?
Admiral Pacifista Alpha vs. Vice Admiral Coza Advancement Rank Battle won with 12 votes
5. Which ThunderScar crew member would most likely become a Super Nova pirate?
Zinzuki Kerulaii won with 9 votes.
6. Which of these pirates in their Unnamed Crew would most likely become a Super Nova pirate?
Drake Mealei won with 7 votes.
7. Which of these pirates in Hyacintho Carpe would most likely become a Super Nova pirate?
Freeze A. Aerion won with 9 votes.
8. Which Devil's Fruit is your favorite so far?
Draco-Draco Fruit won with 4 votes.
9. Who is your favorite female character?
Jenelle Neveah won with 10 votes.
10. Who do YOU want to see Ace'd by Coza in canon?
Frost Shinekuya won with 21 votes. Jesus.
11. Which Marine, out of these characters, has to be your favorite?
Fritz E. Kriegs won with 15 votes.