Neroe Yamanaka
Neroe's Picture
Japanese Name: Neroe S.山中
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Neroe S. Yamanaka
First Appearance: First Free Arc; Comic 2
Species: Falcon
Alignment: Pirate
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Occupation: Pirate; Captain; Ex Marine
Affiliations: Fritz's Punishment Branch; Somnus Pirates
Epithet: Unknown
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Creator: Bringer_Of_Light
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Devil's Fruit
Japanese Name: Fezā-Fezā Fruit
English Name: Feather Feather
Meaning: Feather
Type: Paramecia
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Neroe S. Yamanaka (Neroe S.山中 N/A?) is a young, 19 year old ex Marine Lieutenant. Neroe used to be a pirate as part of Fritz's crew, but was left behind on an island shortly before they were caught. Upon realizing that all his friends were dead, he joined the Marines in order to infiltrate and take them out from the inside. However, Fritz eventually convinced him not to, in which he did not do so. Recently, Neroe has left the marines to become a pirate once more, vowing to sail to the end of the Grand Line so that nobody may follow him and tell him what to do.


Neroe is a brown anthro falcon, with purple eyes. His hair is a mixture of grey and yellow. While with the marines, Neroe wore a white shirt with a blue stripe on it, with a yellow bandana.

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