Overly Ecstatic Marine
Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Unknown
First Appearance: First Free Arc, Comic 6
Species: Human
Alignment: Marines
Occupations: Marine; Petty Officer; Future Fleet Admiral
Affiliations: World Government
Epithet: "Overly Ecstatic" Marine
Creator: CreatorZone
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Overly Ecstatic Marine (N/A N/A?) is a generic looking Marine, but has a certain flavor and style to himself that makes him the first Joke character in Hedgehog Piece and one of the most beloved by the many Authors. Maybe it's his smile~. He has been known for being overly ecstatic to any and everything ever, doing everything happily. It has been rumored throughout the Marines that he is an alcoholic, recently put on medications for his drinking problems. Those medications you may ask, are " Happy " pills, go figure. His fighting style is known as " Drunken Fumes ", where he happily chugs down several bottles of different types of alcohol such as Rum and Vodka, and uses his bad breath to knock his opponents out cold. He has been confirmed throughout the Marines to becoming the next Fleet Admiral after ??? steps down from his position, shocking many because he will be shooting through ranks from Petty Officer to Fleet Admiral, while initially disappointing Vice Admiral Coza, he soon came to accept it.


He looks just like every other generic Marine. It should be noted, however, that the smell of alcohol can be smelt coming from his breath at almost all times.