Personality and Relationships

Overly Ecstatic Marine
Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Unknown
First Appearance: First Free Arc, Comic 6
Species: Human
Alignment: Marines
Occupations: Marine; Petty Officer
Affiliations: World Government
Epithet: "Overly Ecstatic" Marine
Creator: CreatorZone
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style



His one and only true love. He values it above all else, even his own life. It is currently unknown what started his incredible alcoholism, but he has said that it was glorious.

His Instructor

He loved his instructor, equal to if not more than alcohol. Unfornuately, his feelings were not returned and he went into a state of depression for several years, becoming sober in that time, since she told him that his addiction to alcohol was the reason she wouldn't give it a try. His skills were greatly reduced without his drunkeness and he began to slack. That's when he returned to his roots, challenging his instructor in a drinking contest. Believing his drinking skills have diminished, she accepted. His love for her having long since vanished, he took advantage of the situation and planned the contest for the night before the graduation ceremony. He won a perfect victory over his instructor, and passed the next day because of her hangover.

His Supervisor

He loves his supervisor, maybe because he's always happy. Before he was on happy pills, he despised his supervisor mainly because he was a hunk of a guy who could have any women he wanted, but set his sites on his one true beloved. His instructor. He challenged his supervisor to a drinking game and easily beat him; having embarassed him in front of His Instructor. Angrily, His Supervisor then slipped " Happy " pills into his drink one lunch break, making him the Overly Estatic Marine we all know today. He is still on " Happy " pills because he happily takes them whenever instructed to by His Supervisor.