Pacifista Alpha
Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Pacifista Alpha
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 39
Species: Pacifista
Alignment: Marines
Occupations: Admiral
Affiliations: World Government
Epithet: " Super Weapon " Alpha
Creator: Jameswolf100
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Pacifista Alpha is a Marine Admiral. For some reason, he's in the East Blue, having encountered the rookie pirate crew, the ThunderScars.


Alpha's physical appearence bears a shocking similarity to Nitro V. Kaian, as noted by several(read one) individuals. He has weirdly arranged black quills with a white, robotic-esque head, black pupils and red eyes. All of his clothes are black and red, his shirt having a red cross that leads into a smaller black one.


While not showing off anything in his short appearence, his body is made of metal, providing a strong defense and offense. It can also be assumed that he has normal Pacifista lasers.