A shipwright (船大工 funadaiku?) is a carpenter who works specifically on ships. They are responsible for the building and the repair of the ship. Most pirates need them for repair and general maintenance of their ships, but do not commonly have them. Marine ships have them more often though.

Shipwright Tools

Even Shipwrights have shipbuilding tools that can be used as a weapons

  • Hammers
  • Chisel
  • Log
  • Saw
  • Ropes

Shipwright Jobs

A shipwright is a person who is responsible for the design, construction, and/or repair of ships, boats, and other marine vessels including:

  • Merchant ships: cargo ships, container ships
  • Passenger/Vehicle ships: ferries, cruise ships
  • Warships: frigates, battleships, caravels
  • Submarines and underwater vehicles
  • Work-boats: Fishing boat, Traveling Merchants, etc.
  • Yachts and other recreational craft

List of Shipwrights