Shun Shun No Mi
Japanese Name: 望遠テレフルーツ
English Name: Tele-Tele Fruit
Meaning: Teleport
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles Chapter 1, Page 6
Class Paramecia
User: Két D. Ara
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The Shun Shun no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil's Fruit that enables the user to teleport themselves and objects, seemingly, at will. "Shun" comes from the Japanese word "Shunkan" which can mean moment, second or instant. This Devil Fruit was eaten by Két D. Ara.


The Shun Shun no Mi has not yet been seen in its fruit form, so its appearance is unknown.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruit's main strength is its ability to allow the user to teleport at will, making it difficult to land a solid hit on the one using it. It also allows the user to teleport objects to and from him or herself, essentially allowing the user to bring weapons to themself and disarm opponents. The Shun Shun No Mi is also the only known fruit so far that allows for literal teleportation, meaning things like walls and bars are not an obstacle for its user. It also allows the user to have the element of surprise and attack from literally anywhere, as long as they've teleported there first.

However, the user must consciously do all of these things, meaning if he or she is caught off guard then they won't be able to teleport out of the way. The fruit also has a 'familiarity range', meaning that the user must either be familiar with the area being teleported to (or the area an object is being teleported from) or be able to see it, so the user cannot simply teleport any distance he or she wants. The user also cannot teleport other people unless he or she is making contact with them. There is also the fact that if the user's opponent gets a feel for how they use the fruit, they can intercept their attacks by striking the place the user is going to appear. Aside from this, it suffers the standard Devil's Fruit weaknesses.


The Shun Shun No Mi is the first Devil's Fruit to be seen in Red Bow Chronicles.