Shun Shun No Mi
Japanese Name: 望遠テレフルーツ
English Name: Tele-Tele Fruit
Meaning: Teleport
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles Chapter 1, Page 6
Class Paramecia
User: Két D. Ara
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Due to the nature of the fruit, many of its techniques are not named since its effectiveness is often reliant on the element of surprise. Regardless, Két has displayed a few named techniques that she likes to use.


Sky Shot: Két teleports out of sight above an enemy and then hits them with a drop kick from above, using the speed from both her kick and from gravity pulling her down to make a powerful impact.

Area Assault: Két teleports around randomly, striking her opponent from all angles. While the individual attacks don't do much, the fact that she's striking so much so often results in a lot of damage. She uses this technique to circumvent the fruit's weakness of being predictable.