Spikular Noten
Spik's Picture
Japanese Name: Spikularノッテン
Romanized Name: Spikularドリスヴァンノッテン
English Name: Spikular Noten
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 53
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Marines, Can be neutral when it comes to pirates that have caught his eye.
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Occupation: Oka Shichibukai
Affiliations: Shichibukai
Epithet: " Eternal Ash " Spik
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Former Bounty: Beli Small330,000,000
Creator: Light-Called-Hope
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Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Hai-Hai Fruit
English Name: Ash Ash Fruit
Meaning: Ash
Type: Logia
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Abilities and Powers

Spik hasn't fought in any battles at this time, though his position as a Shichibukai implies that his strength is enough to strike fear into pirates.

Devil Fruit: Hai Hai no Mi

Further Information: Hai-Hai Fruit

Spik uses the Logia Class Hai Hai no Mi, litterally means Ash Ash Fruit. As such, he is able to create, manipulate, and turn into ash at his whim. The main strength of the fruit is that Spik can harden ash into a dense form, and that he can also sharpen the ash. He can then form pretty much anything with the ash, as only limited by his imagination. He's been known to manipulate the ash at high speeds, being able to create an average sized wall about as fast as you can blink.

Accuracy & Observation

Years of manipulating tiny particles have boosted Spik's accuracy to a marksman like level, being able to easily hit targets from 50 yards away while barely looking. That being said, his line of sight extends a bit beyond a normal person's.


Spik is capable of using Busoshoku Haki.

Busoshoku Haki

How Spik uses Busoshoku Haki has not been seen.