Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Taisen
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 44
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Unknown
Occupations: Unknown
Affiliations: Unknown
Epithet: " Guardian " Taisen
Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: ReiKainaric
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Fighting Style
Name of Style: Impact
Description: A combination of Armament Haki and Rokushiki.
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Taisen is a pirate of a currently unknown crew that appeared on Raven's Point and recruited Sven into his crew. The two of them were last seen getting onto a ship, leaving Raven's Point as the volcano erupted.


Taisen is an aqua blue hedgehog with a pony-tail and light blue eyes. He has white bangs, as well as white wrappings on his hands and feet. He's shirtless and wears black shorts with a golden belt and sandles.